Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Name

My name is Irene.  It is pronounced [e-rhen-eh] in Spanish.  It was my grandmother’s name.  Before I was born, my father and his brother agreed that whichever one of them had a daughter first could name their daughter their mother’s name.  My father was the first to have a daughter and not a son, so they named me, Irene.  When I was younger it used to upset me to have my grandmother’s name.  I thought it was rude for my parents not to come up with a name that not already used by someone in the family.  As I grew up, I started to appreciate my name and the strong person I was named after.  I do not have a common name and I like that.  I like that when I meet people, many say that it is a beautiful name and that someone in their family once had that name.  My name is Irene and I think it is a beautiful name.

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