Saturday, September 22, 2012

SDAIE Strategy

A SDAIE strategy that I saw in one of the science classes I observed was the use of a quickwrite.  In this case the quickwrite was for students to take just a couple of minutes to write down what they knew or thought TAXONOMY meant.  This was great because the students had a chance to brainstorm and think about what the word might mean.  Once the students had written down their ideas, the teacher asked for them to share what they had written down.  He wrote down what they said on the board and more students gave their opinion.  He didn’t tell them what the answer was and proceeded to begin an activity where he asked students to organize different pictures into their own categories (animals, plants, and insects).  Once the activity was over, the teacher went back to the question and began to explain what taxonomy meant.  This was a great way to introduce the topic to students and then let them see how their activity answered the question.

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