Monday, November 5, 2012


Creativity occurs in my class when students have to present a project.  In our language class, students come up with skits to present the new vocabulary they are learning.  They are given guidelines and they work in groups to come up with lines and ways to present their information.  In addition, they demonstrate their creativity when they have to share ways to learn their terms, such as drawings.  Critical thinking and problem solving comes up when they have to find ways to work as a group.  They make the decisions as to how they are going to complete their projects.  Although they are given guidelines, they are not told exactly how to do things.  I think that this is an aspect that can be improved- there can be more critical thinking.  For example, give students a reading and have them discuss its importance and its relevance to the class.  There is lots of communication in our classroom.  Students have the opportunity to share with others their knowledge and practice their new language skills.  There is not too much discussion, but there is definitely lots of collaboration.  Students work together to present information whether it is new vocabulary or a cultural presentation.
 Students learn about media literacy by using technology tools to do research.  They have projects and have to do research to gain knowledge and information.  They then use other technology tools to demonstrate their findings and provide their information to the other students.  Technology is used for research and presentation.  They also use technology to further study the material.  They are given websites where they can use flashcards and other tools to help them study.  Students work independently and learn to be self-directed when they have assignments.  They have to make sure that they complete their task on a timely and prompt fashion.  Students work in groups for in class activities as well as projects.  They learn to work with others and have to make their own decisions on having others share and participate in the work. 
TPE 4: Making Content Accessible
Teachers need to give students the tools and resources for their learning.  Teacher will take additional steps to make sure that students’ learning is fostered.

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  1. Awesome! I absolutely like your share. I see students are now talent and we need to recommend them useful tools. I often suggest them the online flashcard site that I use For me, it's so useful with available database for various topics when we search and smart functions.