Sunday, November 11, 2012

Project Tomorrow

It doesn’t surprise me that today more adults as well as students own a smart phone.  I agree that technology is becoming more accessible and that technology can become a great teaching tool.  However, my concern is that students might not use their mobile device to learn but rather surf the web and text.  With a class size continually growing, how can we make sure that students stay focused?

Speak Up in Learning to Change, Changing to Learn-
One of the ideas that caught my attention was that as educators are helping students to become problem solvers.  The idea is not that students memorize all this information that had been required for so long but rather create students that can go out and find the answer, be able to collaborate with others, become multilingual, become multicultural, etc.  That is was really interests me, I feel that if technology can help us as educators, then that is something worth using.  

A program like this could be started by conducting a survey to see how many students are interested in teaching.  Let students know about the opportunities that are available for learning more about teaching and have them sign up for the program. 
A program like this provides many benefits for students.  Students can gain knowledge about teaching and decide whether they would like to continue teaching as a career.  In addition, students will earn college credit for the practice which is a great incentive for students to try it out and have plenty to gain from the program.  They will also gain skills that will help them for a life time even if they do not go into the teaching field.  I think this is a great program to encourage in high schools and I would really like to see it at my school site.


  1. After reading through your blog post above, I relate to your concern about integrating technology into the classroom. A connection I cannot help but make is our reluctance in relationship to the school's, teacher's, and administrator's reluctance. I feel like this reluctance has been blamed on the generation gap that exists between students and most teachers, but we are the next generation of teachers and we cannot help but address the impractical aspects of this integration. I am starting to conclude that teachers are not generally reluctant about learning how to integrate technology, but they(we) are reluctant because we have insight into the consequences that will naturally occur.

  2. I agree, as much as I want to implement more technology into my classroom, I have many concerns. I know how I was in high school, the old me would take the time to pretend that I was searching something when I would actually be doing something else. Now with class size getting bigger, how are we going to monitor all those students? Sometimes is just easier not to use it.